Since the beginning of 2014r, the National Bank of Ukraine recognized insolvent more than dozens of banks Ukrainian banks. Many of them had a problem returning funds and entering the data into the registry. It is worth to note the depositor has a government guaranteed compensation of not more than 200 thousand UAH. But if your contribution exceeds this amount, you run the risk of losing money.

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After the end of the temporary administration in case of liquidation of bank The Deposit Guarantee Fund. Proceeds from the Fund can be obtained within the time that the Fund determines. At the end of the period guaranteed by law, the funds  made up proceeding from consideration of individual written statements of investors in the Fund. On the basis of these appeals the lists is formed of depositors who are entitled to compensation. After verification Fund information, the investor is included in the register, whereupon funds paid to the depositor.

In recent years, cases of unjustified refusal individuals for inclusion in the register of depositors eligible to claim under the compensation law. Judicial practice appeared in such categories of cases with the participation of the DGF and its authorized persons.

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But conflicts and disputes between the guarantee Fund and depositors are becoming more.

Usually investors challenge the refusal of the Fund to the person making his contribution to the registry which is the payment of guaranteed amount – up to 200 000 UAH. If your name is not on the register, you will not receive the compensation.

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