citizenship of the Russian Federation


You decide to acquire citizenship of the Russian Federation? It means that you open the possibilities of the largest country in the world. A huge country - the high potential. Many Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles, Armenians and Romanians who have received Russian citizenship, moved there for permanent residence and opened their own successful business in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities.


A significant argument in favor of obtaining

the status of a citizen of Russia are:

- all the legal rights and guarantees for citizens of the Russian Federation

- the possibility of a thriving economic activity

- ability to study at any institution

- free access to the country at a convenient time and  any period of time

-family reunion, new acquaintances and connections

How can we help you acquire the citizenship of the Russian Federation?

Since 2014 it is possible to acquire obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified procedure for a certain number of individuals. Specialists of UKRGOSRESURS help you to take advantage of the new law! All documents will be done in a short time in strict accordance with the law; the client need only a minimal presence in all state institutions.

Great experience and close relationship of UKRGOSRESURS with higher authorities of the Federal Migration Service of Russia and other state agencies allow to rapidly ensure positive results for our clients. At the primary free consultation, we will inform you how to legally acquire citizenship of the Russian Federation in general and the simplified procedure for the citizens of Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Armenia. Furthermore including refugees, children and pensioners in the Crimea. Our professional team provides absolutely complete information about how works the legislative regulation of this issue, what are the legal basis, what is the essence of citizenship of the Russian Federation, how works the constitutional and legal institution, how deregulates Russian citizenship to Ukrainians and citizens of other countries, what changes have occurred in the legislation in 2014-2015.

In addition to the documents and highly resolve of all the nuances of your situation, we provide a number of useful additional services which aimed to make your move as easy and comfortable as possible. Support in the country, booking flights and hotels, obtaining domestic and foreign passports, driver's license, as well as any other legal assistance at all levels and much more - all this services  save your time and cost in the future!

Citizenship of the Russian Federation - a guarantee

of all the opportunities and prospects for you in the country.

Russian citizenship - legal protection and confidence of the legislation in full.

Steps of the acquisition of citizenship and permanent

residence of the Russian Federation with the help of UKRGOSRESURS:

1. Providing primary free consultation:

- determination of all the circumstances and purpose of travel to the Russian Federation;

- an explanation of the grounds for acquiring citizenship and permanent residence in the Russian Federation;

- identification of all factors that could somehow affect the process.

2. Legal analysis of your documents, data processing and confirmation of starting process.

3. Power of attorney to our lawyer for the comfortable cooperation.

4. Translation of your documents.

5. Preparation of a full package of documents required for submission to the relevant jurisdiction.

6. Complete reporting of our works.

7. Oath of allegiance.

8. Planning a trip to the Russian Federation for the finished document:

- full support in the country;

- booking tickets and hotels in advance;

- further juridical and legal assistance.

9. Preparation of internal and foreign passports as well as a driver's license.

Required documents list:

1. Scan-copy of the passport

2. Scan-copy of the passport of the country which you are resident

3. Scan-copy of the identification code

4. Scan-copy of birth certificate

With our help, you have the guarantee of:

- Certificate which  indicates  that you have been awarded citizenship

- Internal passport if required, old or new sample

- Registration

- International passport

Consultation on the issues of citizenship:

tel .: +38 (096) 111-5555


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