Residence permit in Europe opens a lot of new opportunities: free movement in a number of countries and a long stay there, training, keeping economic activity, high-paying job abroad. The residence permit allows you  anytime visit the most famous cities (Rome, Prague, Vienna, Madrid, Venice, Budapest and many others). For business people  who planning to start business in the EU, free entry to any countries is particularly important feature.

There are two types of this document: temporary and permanent. Temporary residence permit is perfect for people with an active lifestyle: the document allows for a short time to explore any country, to visit the best places, to learn national characteristics, culture and overall atmosphere.


UKRGOSRESURS will provide You with a free initial consultation due to individual needs, if You need a permanent residence in the EU or a temporary residence permit in the EU. Our specialists quickly and correctly prepare all necessary documents for travel, doing business abroad, learning, getting Schengen visa or dual citizenship.

Registration of residence permit in the European Union of any category is an important and responsible decision that is associated with a number of legal nuances. Our long experience allows us at the legislative level to solve problems of any complexity on time and professionally, helping our clients to get residence permit in the EU or to leave Ukraine to obtain a permanent residence in a more suitable country.

UKRGOSRESURS helps to get a residence permit for Ukrainians in the EU in all cases, including for retirees, without the obligation of residence, without the right to work or sedentary lifestyle.

High client’s interest, positive feedback, a lot of successful contracts and long-term partnership with domestic and foreign providers allowed us to identify priority line of our company.

We specialize in working with residence permit:

- for Ukrainians in the EU;

- for foreigners in Ukraine;

 - for pensioners;

 - for children.

Thus, You can obtain a permanent residence permit / residence permit:

- as an individual entrepreneur;

- when investing in Europe;

- by a marriage with a citizen of another country;

- through the purchase of real estate;

- to reunite the family.

In addition to the residence permit in the EU and Ukraine, our company offers many additional high quality services for obtaining citizenship, visas, passports, legal support of entrepreneurial activity on the territory of the EU and other relevant assistance.

We offer You a registration permit:

- in Ukraine;

- in Poland;

- in Spain;

- in Russia;

- in Austria.

Consultation regarding citizenship:

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