Russia - a country with huge economic and natural resources potential. The multi-oriented economy and, consequently, a large number of work places - one of the principal benefits in case of residence there.

For Ukrainians and other residents of the former Soviet Union obtaining a residence permit in the Russia passes quite loyal. The residence permit is issued in Russia in a simplified form for pensioners, minors and socially disadvantaged citizens of other states.

Statistics of obtaining a residence permit in Russia by foreign nationals shows that life in the Russian Federation has many benefits. Russian language is internationally widespread. The number of native speakers is nearly the hundreds of millions.

Pensioners - one of the priority categories of the population who has the opportunity of respectable payment of their labour experience. This advantage spreads not only for the citizens of the Russian Federation but also to those citizens who have decided to change their place of residence after reaching retirement age and to issue a residence permit in Russia.

Foreigners who formalize a residence permit in Russia receive in addition than migrant workers, official rights and opportunities. Further legalization of the Russian Federation connected with education for children of residents in Russian schools and universities. This status is also required to get free health care and birth in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Registration of residence permit in Russia has a number of sticking points. Years of experience and close relationship of UKRGOSRESURS with higher authorities of the Federal Migration Service of Russia and other state agencies aloow positive results for our clients.

Find out what documents for residence permit in Russia will requered and how obtain a residence permit in Russia for the Ukrainian and foreign citizens, you can if contact our company.

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