If you want to live in Europe but you want to stay close to Ukraine too, then Poland is an excellent option for you. A beautiful and friendly country, European traditions and standards, the similarity of languages, the ability to find a good job and start your own business - that's all you can detect in Poland. To take advantage of these opportunities, you need to issue a residence permit in Poland or temporary residence card (zezwolenie na pobyt czasowy).


Residence permit in Poland has uncontested advantages. The document which is valid for 1-2 years allows to live and work in Poland, often cross the border country, to travel in the countries of the Schengen area. Residence permit in Poland gives you the right to buy property, to take out loans from banks. And in the long term residence permit in Poland gives a reason to apply for permanent residence.

How do You get a residence permit in Poland?

There are several ways to registrate a residence permit in Poland for Ukrainians and foreign persons. The most common - education in Polish universities, employment and labor visas, registration and doing business as well as evidence of the Polish roots and marriage to a citizen of Poland.

At first glance, everything is simple but really needed a convincing reason. And UKRGOSRESURS company provides professional services to identify them, including individuals who married with the citizen of this country. After all, if marriage with a Polish / Polish girl, you automatically acquire the right to apply for a residence permit in Poland. In this scope our experts will help you to handle all the documents and evidence for as quickly as possible passing procedure.

One of the effective ways to acquire a residence polish permit for Ukrainians and foreign citizens is the registration and conducting business in the country. Perspectives of conducting economic activity in Europe are certainlyly attractive. However, the formation of the enterprise should strictly matches with Polish law. Lawyers of UKRGOSRESURS advise and help to collect all the documents necessary for the registration of your company, as well as for its future activities on the territory of Poland.

All the steps UKRGOSRESURS agreed with a customer, so they could be confident in the result. UKRGOSRESURS experts have successful experience of opening a residence permit in Poland not only for Ukrainians but also for Russian, Belarusian and other nationalities. We will be glad to provide assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Poland, share information and tell you:

- How to obtain a residence permit in Poland if you are a students, pensioners and businessmen;

- If it possible with the purchase of real estate;

- How to get a residence permit if you have Polish origin and the Polish roots;

- What is the Karta Polaka;

- What are the pros of residence permit in Poland in general and how it might be interesting to you personally.

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