Foreign economic activity includes a number of different directions, many of which require licensing to legally operate. For example, the licensing of foreign economic activity in 2015 in Ukraine covers the following areas: import and export, providing of services to foreign entities, financial transactions, trade of goods etc.

To issue a license to any foreign economic activity,

be sure to pay attention to the different moments.

Because for successful and real results require:

- Properly and legally competent to apply and other necessary documents;

- Compliance with all legal requirements;

- Foreign economic contract and all specifications;

- In some cases, collection of additional documents, for example, the conclusion of expert organizations.

If You are not sure that you will be able on your own to pass the procedure of obtaining license for foreign trade activity, then You should ask to specialists. Company UKRGOSRESURS provides consultations and services in the field of licensing of foreign economic activity for subjects of economic activity, legal entities and natural persons. Our staff consult you totally on the subject of issuing licenses for export and import operations which operate in Ukraine.


In Ukraine many export-import procedures require compulsory licensing.

For example, the registration of the license for activities of export and/or import

operations in Ukraine is compulsory for:

- balance on certain groups of goods;

- protection of the environment;

- circulation of precious metals (gold and silver);

- protection of domestic producers;

- protection of trademarks, patents, etc.

- etc.

A number of these circumstances makes the licensing of export / import activities so necessary. In this case the registration of license is not the quick and easy process. It’s implementing requires experience and understanding of all the nuances and subtleties of the case. That is why UKRGOSRESURS offers You to contact our professional team.

Employees of the company provide advice and a full range of services for obtaining licenses to export or operations with imports which operate on the entire territory of Ukraine.


The licensing of imports / exports in Ukraine requires the obligatory presence of:

- Foreign-economic contract with all applications and specifications thereto;

- Position for the imported goods in the list of goods the import of which is subject to licensing and quota arrangement (in accordance with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine);

- Certificate of origin issued by Chamber of Commerce and industry of Ukraine (regional Chamber of Commerce).

Successful practice of specialists UKRGOSRESURS on registration and obtaining licenses for foreign economic activity allows to consider all Your goals and tasks, and to provide You competents and hight quality legal assistance on all stages of the process of licensing Your business.


We provide:

- Information on current legislation in the sphere of licensing;

- Free consultation on the registration of documents for obtaining license;

- Preparation, assistance and submission of documents to the appropriate authority;

- Guaranteed licence for import and export procedures in Ukraine.

For cooperation with us You should:

- To conclude agreement on providing of consultations and services;

- To issue the power of attorney on representation of Your interests;

- Prepayment according to the contract.

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