Labor law regulates the employment relationship between employee

and employer based on an employment contract and relations directly related to them:

- organization of work;

- employment;

- training;

- resolution of individual and collective labour disputes.

The quality of cooperation and its results depends on how You arrange your employment relationship. Thus we suggest You to contact qualified specislisrs. On this issue UKRGOSRESURS works in such directions as:

- Consultations in the field of labor law;

- Resolution of labor disputes, both in a pretrial and in a judicial order;

- Legal assistance in registration and dismissal, unlawful dismissal, reduction or transfer;

- Improvement of HR administration documents (regulations, job descriptions, orders, instructions, etc.);

- Preparation of individual employment contracts, agreements on liability and etc.;

- Recovery of salary for forced absence, compensation on account of dismissal under a labour agreement and also of interest for breach by the employer of the period due to the dismissal of employees payments;

- Representation of interests in courts in protecting the infringed rights;

- Other services in the field of labour law.

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