We offer You legal assistance on housing righTs.

In this direction we work on the following issues:

- Drafting statements of claim, complaints on housing issues;

- Resolution on the re-equipment of dwelling houses and residential premises;

- Recognition of private rights or full ownership of the residential premises;

- The decision on granting of premises on demand of citizens who have the right to extraordinary granting of premises;

– The termination of the tenancy agreement and collection of debt for non-payment of lease payment;

- Recognition of orders for housing premises is invalid, change the tenancy agreement;

- Recognition of individuals as such who have lost the right to use of premises and removal of registration;

- Eviction of persons who unlawfully occupy the premises;

– Recovery of damage and moral harm from the perpetrators of neighbourliness, causing damage to private property;

- Establish procedure for the use living area without registering;

– Privatization of living space.

If You are interested in any of these points, we invite You to schedule a consultation.


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