Environmental license, in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine, are obligatory for the conduct of certain activities. The law "On environmental protection" states that the use of environmental resources in Ukraine is carried out in the general and special usage of natural resources. Depending on various factors, the permitting document are different legal force: permssions, certificates, licenses, etc.

The environmental license is the only right for conducting a specific type of economic activity which relates to environmental restriction. The legal basis in this case is the Law of Ukraine "On licensing certain types of economic activity". Licensing of such activities in terms of environmental aspects and causes the consideration of environmental requirements.

Environmental licensing in Ukraine include the following documents:

- State registration of pesticides and agrochemicals.

- Permission for disposal of hazardous waste.

- A permit for special water use in case of usage of the water objects of national importance.

- License for the collection, preparation of certain types of waste as recycled resources materials (waste paper 37.01, cullet is at 37.02, 37.03 waste plastics, waste rubber 37.04, 37.05 materials of textile secondary, 37.06 used metal. container).

- License for operations in the field of hazardous waste management (collection 38.01, 38.02 transportation, storage 38.03, 38.04 processing, utilization 38.05, 38.06 removal, disposal 38.07, 38.08 burial).

- License for the production of particularly hazardous chemicals (according to the list of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine).

- License for export and import of ozone destroying substances and products.

- Approval of the location of facilities handling hazardous wastes.

- Approval of the location of enterprises engaged in recycling, utilization or destruction of withdrawn from circulation low-quality dangerous products.

- Accreditation of enterprises, institutions and organizations that carry out state trials of pesticides and agrochemicals.

- The state ecological examination on objects, the decision of approve(approval) which was adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

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