Since 2009, the question of write-off the unfavorable loan has become urgent for thousands of Ukrainians. This is especially true of entrepreneurs who took a large loan in a foreign currency for private business development. A sharp change in the dollar led to the fact that You need to give the Bank not the amount You expected when planning your expenses to cover the loan. A huge percentage literally "burn" all Your profits, leaving you no funds for business development or even at Your priority needs. As a victim of circumstances, You are looking for a way out of this pitiful situation. Company UKRGOSRESURS offers a way out – the debt relief.


As a solution to the problem loan, You can choose the following methods of debt relief:

- Cancellation of the contract with the bank

- Proof of the illegality of the loan

In the first case, referring to article 652 of the Civil Code, You can try to imagine a sharp change in the exchange rate of foreign currency as a global factor which has led to a significant change in the circumstances existing at the agreement conclusion. But in this case bank will carefully evaluate Your property. If the value is less than the amount of the loan, according to article 625 of the Civil Code, by law, You are not relieved of their debt obligations.

As for the second way, it is important to those who took a loan in foreign currency amounting to more than 4 000 000 USD, many debtors are trying to refer to the fact that the bank had no right to issue a credit without an individual license of the NBU. In July 2013 the Supreme administrative court of Ukraine issued a decree that, in credit operations with foreign currency obligatory need an individual license of the National Bank. In this case, the possibility to win a court much higher than in the first. But if You win the case in such a way, be ready that You will need to immediately return the principal of the loan, otherwise Your property will be seized. If You do not repay the "body" of the loan within 30 days, Your property will be confiscated in favor of the bank.


Despite all the nuances, there are effective ways to write off a loan of any amount. Company UKRGOSRESURS has huge experience in the legal field. Close cooperation with higher authorities and long-term partnerships with foreign leading experts on the issue of writing off large loans allow us to apply an efficient scheme to write off debts of any size.

The essence of our approach lies in the fact that according to Ukrainian law, Your loan portfolio can be bought in liquidated bank. It is due to the unstable situation affected not only the debtors but also investors likewise large deposits whose claims above the guaranteed amount.

We practice the most effective and most transparent method of solving the problem of write-off of debt relief. Issuing the join procedure of the debtor and creditor of a liquidated bank in one person, we will quickly and efficiently charge all of your debt obligations to the troubled bank. After the successful this delicate legal process You completely get rid of the payment bank loan, because after the purchase of Deposit with discount from the same bank You will have to bank the homogeneous requirements. The bank will simply not entitled to demand money from You because it is unable to return the amount of Your new deposit.

If You have decided to get rid of troubled loan quickly and easily, we will give shape to the decision in life! Contact us now – take care to keep Your money and property, together with the company UKRGOSRESURS!

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