Criminal law is the field of law that defines criminal actions, it’s punishments and measures of criminally-legal influence. The same actions can be qualified absolutely differently, and punishment, accordingly, will be various. The assistance of a professional criminal defense lawyer can significantly change the situation in which You or someone close to You.

UKRGOSRESURS- lawyers provide the following services:

- Protection of rights and legal support at the stage of preliminary investigation and in the court of first instance;

- Legal assistance to victims at all stages of the proceedings;

- Right of appeal the sentences that entered into legal force;

- Representing Your rights and interests in courts of all instances;

- Legal assistance in case of anticipatory cancellation of conviction;

- Legal support of extradition;

- Consulting a lawyer.

UKRGOSRESURS will protect Your rights and interests. We work with the best criminal defense lawyers. We guarantee You the result and take responsibility for the provided services!


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