United States – country which is one of the most attractive place to immigrants throughout the world. Humane policy, freedom, equality and prosperity for every citizen, unlimited possibilities for earnings and rapid career growth, fair laws and positive atmosphere – it’s all abut America. And she deserves to get US citizenship.

Open US citizenship with us!

All documents which required UKRGOSRESURS, get a guarantee of result. Great experience allows our spesialists to issue a US citizenship in a short time and according to ligislation. The service is available to Ukrainians, Russians and citizens of any other country.

UKRGOSRESURS will help not only acquire the citizenship of the United States but also handle the necessary documents for a green card for the parents and the newborn child, businessmen, schoolchildren, refugees, pensioners and students in case of any relatives in the United States. Our experts  in accordance to law registrate a work visa, residence permit in the United States, citizenship and dual citizenship in the US for investment in the army, in case of buying a property, by marriage or by birth.

Deep learning of all nuances of your situation, the fastest and practical solution of all related issues, professional legal services at all stages of the process of immigration to the United States will provide you easy and legitimate move to any of the cities in America. Thence you can not only acquire a US citizenship but also to receive the necessary support both in Ukraine and in other countries. We help our customers get used to the new place, book your flights and hotel room, learn the language, get legal support of  entrepreneurial activity on the territory of the United States and more, including a fully organizing a childbirth in the United States!

Give birth in the United States

UKRGOSRESURS professionally organizes tours in the United States for future mothers that have decided to give birth in America. For you - the best medical centers in the US.

To give birth to a child in the United States - is available and secure. Hospitals have the innovative equipment, modern technology, the availability of highly qualified specialists in the field of gynecology and obstetrics. Hospitals in the United States offer a comfortable chamber, caring and experienced staff, spacious and clean, pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Did you interested in US citizenship or the opportunity of giving birth in this country? We are delighted to give you advice on these issues.

Consultation on the issues of citizenship:

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