You need to quickly issue the citizenship of Ukraine? It is necessary to extend the stay in the country? There is a desire to obtain the status of citizen of Ukraine under the simplified procedure?

In our modern world  immigration issues are particularly relevant. Everyone finds a solution due to the capabilities, goals and preferences. A large number of foreign nationals seeking to leave the limits of the country to improve economic activity, education, marriage or other reasons (for example, medical treatment). Ukraine is on the 4 position of the world ranking of countries to appeal among certain categories of immigrants. Over the last year more than 5 million people have migrated and have acquired the citizenship of Ukraine.

Acquiring the status of citizen of Ukraine for foreigners (primarily immigrants from countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea, South Korea, Algeria, China, Turkey and many others) is an engaging prospect.

According to the current legislation, to issue a residence permit and acquire citizenship of Ukraine is possible in the shortest possible time, without any obstacles, the most important thing in this process- skillfully prepared legally required documentation.

Specializes of the UKRGOSRESURS-company - providing absolutely all kinds of consulting, legal and other services necessary for the acquisition of citizenship and immigration status of the Ukrainian state. Experts of UKRGOSRESURS using an established cooperation at all levels with government agencies to help you to legally formalize the citizenship of Ukraine.

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Our organization gives priority to activities in the careful observance of all norms of legislation on migration issues in Ukraine. You have possibility in getting  free and fully professional advice on interesting moments. Experts of our company will find you a legitimate opportunity to resolve any unusual, controversial and special situations. In virtue of our capabilities in a short time, execution and preparation of all necessary documents you are.

The priority activity of the company UKRAGRORESURS

over the past few years has been assistance

in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship:

- for citizens of the Russian Federation;

- for citizens of foreign states;

- a simplified procedure for certain categories of immigrants;

- for children;

-  granting of legal citizenship of Ukraine for investments or after the marriage.

With our help, in the minimum period you are guaranteed to receive:

Identification code

The internal passport of citizen of Ukraine


International passport

Consultation on the issues of citizenship:

tel .: +38 (096) 111-5555

citizenship of Ukraine

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