European Union countries are united not only by mutual continent but also the common European law and the constitution. Fundamentals of legislation allow to maintain at a high level such main spheres of life: politics, business, education, medicine, culture. Through these and other advantages, many have already made their choice in favor of countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania.

If your goal is to improve welfare, to get absolute right to receive a free visa to the developed countries, then your first step towards this - registration of residence in the EU. This document can be temporary or permanent. In any case, the choice is up to you and depends on personal preference. Both temporary and permanent residence permits obtaining a lot of new opportunities, the right to provide the majority of services and various activities in the EU Member States. Based on the residence permit you will be able to acquire citizenship of the European Union which is the ticket to your destination and guarantees full life abroad!

After the acquisition of this status, you will be able to estimate

the advantages of EU citizenship including the key ones:

- High quality of life

- Education in prestigious educational institutions of the EU

- Ability to successful business in Europe

- Family reunion, the members of which are citizens of other countries

- Unlimited travelling possibilities

Why should you contact us?

Specialists of UKRGOSRESURS successfully provide effective support for people wishing to acquire citizenship of the European Union for many years. We have developed effective program «International» which allows you to acquire the EU citizenship accordingly to the legislation of the union. It is worth to know that program «International» is aiming to handle operatively documents for registration of citizenship.

We successfully practice the acquisition:

- a residence permit (permanent residence);

- EU citizenship by marriage or by birth, as well as through investments in the economy,

through the purchase of real estate;

- citizenship in the simplified registration;

- dual citizenship;

- citizenship of the European Union without accommodation;

- deprivation of citizenship of the EU.

We also solve problems of any complexity and with any individual nuances. For instance:

- Citizenship of the European Union for the baby quickly, inexpensively, legally

- Peculiar properties citizenship in different EU countries

- The acquisition of the status of citizen of the European Union in the presence of a residence permit

- Acquiring of European citizenship for free

Each of our clients get the desired results on schedule and with a guarantee. Please do not hesitate to contact our office or by phone, and obtain a comprehensive first free consultation on your question, assistance in acquiring citizenship of the EU for Ukrainians and Russians, Schengen visas, residence permits and more!

We offer efficient methods and comfortable conditions

of acquiring citizenship of the European Union.

Consultation on the issues of citizenship:

tel .: +38 (096) 111-5555

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